On the Wallets page all your wallet addresses you submitted for your fox trades will be listed.Clicking on each wallet address will display the trades done to these wallets. 



Wallets List

  • Address - wallets addresses will be listed per coin in its own wallets block.

  • Title - add title to each wallet address so you can easily identify each one.

  • Trades - displays the number of trades you completed to this wallet. Also, clicking the number of trades will redirect you to the list of trades on the Trades page.

  • Remove - remove the specific wallet address from the list. It won't change any other data in your account.

+ Add Wallet

Screen Shot 2020-10-15 at 18.02.58.png
  • Select the coin wallet from the list.

  • Paste the wallet address in the relevant textbox.

  • Describe the wallet (i.e. Title) in the relevant textbox.

  • Click Add.

  • Your new wallet address will be added to the relevant coin's wallets list.