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fox.exchange is Now on ZenGo! A First of its Kind: Keyless Crypto Wallet!

A new level of convenience is sweeping through the crypto sphere. At fox.exchange, we are proud to announce that our users can now access our exchange services through the ZenGo wallet.

With this partnership, converting and swapping between different digital assets is super easy. Users can now access the fox.exchange from one of the best wallets that features an easy to use user interface plus a revolutionary keyless technology for boosted security and convenience. 

About ZenGo

ZenGo is an Israeli based startup that aims to make the crypto economy more accessible with tools that remove the complexity of cryptocurrencies out of the equation. 

The ZenGo wallet does this by introducing a secure and intuitive method of managing and accessing digital assets without the need for private keys. 

The startup was founded by a team of engineers and cryptographers who developed ZenGo as a keyless wallet designed to make the management of crypto assets easier and accessible to the masses.

Keyless Security

One of the most important features of a crypto wallet is security. Unlike traditional crypto wallets that require the use of private keys to securely store transactional data, ZenGo wallets come with a first of its kind keyless security feature.

How it Works

Instead of the traditional private keys, ZenGo developers created two independent “mathematical secret shares” whereby one of the shares is stored on a user’s mobile device while the other is stored on ZenGo’s servers.

ZenGo keyless security system is designed to prevent any point of failure. For instance, even if a hacker gets access to one of the shares, assets on the wallets will remain completely safe. Additionally, although one of the shares is stored on ZenGo’s servers, ZenGo has no access to your funds and the user has full control over the wallet.

Intuitive User Interface

Apart from its innovative security technology, the ZenGo wallet also comes with a beginner-friendly user interface that focuses on simplicity as opposed to most crypto wallets that are complex and intimidating to beginners. 

With the removal of the risks that come with managing private keys, ZenGo offers a seamless user experience like never before. ZenGo does not get rid of the public keys, however, the handover between one user to the other while making a transaction is smooth and error-free.

How to Swap Crypto Assets with Fox from ZenGo

Step by Step Guide 

  1. Install the ZenGo wallet on your mobile device, then visit the Swap tab in the app.

  2. Select the crypto assets you wish to swap.

  3. Enter an amount greater than the required minimum swap amount.

  4. Confirm the swap and that all the details are correct. Then tap on the swap button.

  5. Congratulations! You have just completed a crypto assets swap on fox.exchange using your ZenGo wallet. Most swaps will take between 5 to 30 minutes to arrive in your wallet. 

Website: https://zengo.com/

About Fox

fox.exchange is an express cryptocurrency exchange providing the best way to get into the cryptocurrencies market by simplifying the way to exchange one cryptocurrency with another. Our goal in fox.exchange is to make cryptocurrency exchanging as smooth as searching on Google or sending an email.

Main features of fox.exchange:

  • Instant exchange – exchanging cryptocurrencies on other exchanges may take hours, while on fox.exchange it’s a matter of minutes: trades are done in 2 clicks and completed between 3 to 15 minutes.

  • Best rates – we compare and combine offers from various centralized exchanges to get you the best offer: fox.exchange chooses the best market rates from the biggest and most diverse exchanges in real-time.

  • Completely anonymous – no registration, no email, no identification documents needed, only your crypto public address.

  • Extremely safe –  unlike most of the other exchanges, we don’t hold customer deposits. Therefore, your funds don’t suffer custodial risk.

  • Split Trade – the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: fox.exchange will split your order into fractions in order to get the best rate possible!

  • Trade Routing – fox.exchange will choose the best trade route from coin A to coin Z, sometimes routing through G coin to maximize the rate.

  • High Liquidity by connecting to top exchanges in the market, fox.exchange has access to more than $1B daily.

  • Fast and attentive 24/7 support. Contact us! support@fox.exchange 


Get the app and check it out for yourself! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=exchange.fox.android

Having problems installing or using the app? No worries! Feel free to contact us at any time about any question via BitCoinTalk, Twitter or ask your question directly in the Telegram chat room (@FoxExchange)!