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Fox is now integrated into the PumaPay’s cryptocurrency wallet app, allowing its users to instantly

Fox has listed the PMA token as well!

We are very proud to announce that PumaPay’s cryptocurrency wallet app is now using Fox as an exchange provider! Fox and PumaPay users can efficiently and safely convert their digital assets to the PMA token in a non-custodial exchange at the best rates available in the market.

About PumaPay

PumaPay is a first-ever comprehensive crypto payment solution for businesses. It combines the flexibility and ease-of-use of payment cards with the advantages of blockchain technology. PumaPay is revolutionizing payments by providing a faster, more efficient and inexpensive alternative to credit cards to empower the digital customer.

Main features of the PMA token:

  • Universal Payments – supported by a global network of businesses, the PMA tokens can be used to pay for an array of products and services.

  • Advanced Payment Models – the PumaPay Cryptocurrency Wallet supports flexible payment scenarios to cover multiple needs.

  • Secure & Timely Payments – the PMA token allows for quick and cheap transactions via the PullPayment protocol, ideal for everyday payments.

  • Easy Conversion – easily convert any other cryptocurrency to the PMA token.

Links: Website: https://pumapay.io/ iOs: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pumapay-cryptocurrency-wallet/id1376601366 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.pumapay.pumawallet&hl=en

Simple Instruction on how to exchange crypto assets directly from PumaPay wallet:

1. Log in to your PumaPay account or just create one. You’ll find all the instructions on how to do that right in the app.

2. Go to the ”Exchange” tab.

3. Select your crypto assets you want to exchange.

4. Select the crypto asset you want to receive.

5. Scroll down a little and click ”Next”.

6. That’s all! You are great!

About Fox

fox.exchange is an express cryptocurrency exchange providing the best way to get into the cryptocurrencies market by simplifying the way to exchange one cryptocurrency with another.

Our goal in fox.exchange is to make cryptocurrency exchanging as smooth as searching on Google or sending an email.

Main features of fox.exchange:

  • Instant exchange – exchanging cryptocurrencies on other exchanges may take hours, while on fox.exchange it’s a matter of minutes: trades are done in 2 clicks and completed between 3 to 15 minutes.

  • Best rates – we compare and combine offers from various centralized exchanges to get you the best offer: fox.exchange chooses the best market rates from the biggest and most assets diverse exchanges in real-time.

  • Completely anonymous – no registration, no email, no identification documents needed, only your crypto public address.

  • Extremely safe – unlike most other exchanges, we don’t hold customer deposits. Like this, your funds don’t suffer custodial risk.

  • Split Trade – the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: fox.exchange will split your order into fractions in order to get the best rate possible! 

  • Trade Routing – fox.exchange will choose the best trade route from coin A to coin Z, sometimes routing through G coin to maximize the rate.

  • High Liquidity by connecting to top exchanges in the market fox.exchange has access to more than $1B daily.

  • No additional fees! 

  • Fast and attentive 24/7 support@fox.exchange

Get the app and check it by yourself! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=exchange.fox.android

Having problems installing or using the app? No worries! Feel free to contact us at any time about any question via BitCoinTalk, Twitter or ask your question directly in the Telegram chat room (@FoxExchange)!