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Introducing the official fox.exchange Android App! Here’s how to get started

We are pleased to introduce the official fox.exchange Android app; the fastest and easiest way to exchange cryptocurrencies! The app comes with unique features, like the ability to save your favorite wallet addresses, opening transactions in your favorite wallet app and our amazing in-app support.

Get the app today:

Cryptocurrency exchange 

1. Set the amount

When the app launches, you will land on the exchange screen. In the first field, enter the amount you would like to send. Then tap the ‘BTC’ button next to it to change the cryptocurrency you’re going to send. Do the same below to change the cryptocurrency you will receive. Then tap ‘Exchange now’.

2. Choose where to receive

In the first field, enter the wallet address where you would like to receive the converted cryptocurrency. You may also select one of your saved wallets from here.

In the second field, you may enter your email address. It will only be used to send you updates about your exchange.

3. Transfer the source cryptocurrency

Tap ‘Open in your wallet app’ for the easiest exchange. This will automatically open one of your wallet apps, where you can complete the transfer with just a few taps. 

You can also do the transfer manually. To do so, copy the wallet address and send the indicated amount. You may also scan the QR code if you’d like to use another device.

4. Complete

Now head back to the fox.exchange app. The transaction should be discovered within a few seconds. After that, wait for the confirmations to come in. Once completed, you will see the screen below, confirming the completion of the transaction.

Saved wallet addresses

From the main menu, select ‘Saved wallet addresses’. This will allow you to save wallet addresses to receive funds on. Tap the + button to add a new wallet. You can add a title to keep your wallets apart. 


From the main menu, select ‘Activity’. This will allow you to look up an existing order initiated from the app. You will see your recent transactions listed. Tapping them will show status details of each.