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Is Craig Wright the Creator of Bitcoin or Cryptos?

Dr. Craig S Wright – Bitcoin Creator or Bitcoin Arch Nemesis?

  • Craig S Wright is an Australian claiming to be Satoshi Nakamoto

  • Recently, Craig Wright threatened to crash the Bitcoin price to $1,000, in order to shore up the validity of his Bitcoin Cash fork, BCH SV

  • The world has no proof that Dr. Craig S Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto, and his actions in 2018 have severely undermined the Bitcoin Creators original vision for Bitcoin

Is Dr. Craig S Wright the Creator of Bitcoin?

Is Dr. Craig S Wright the creator of Bitcoin? According to a 2016 BBC investigation, the answer to this question is yes. However, up until recently, few people took the Australian computer scientists claims seriously. That was until the self-professed Bitcoin creator announced his intention to shore up his own Bitcoin Cash hard fork, by crashing the Bitcoin price to as low as $1,000.

How a Bitcoin Creator Impostor Just Crashed the Crypto Market

Imagine that you are Henry Ford. Now imagine that as the world’s largest Ford Motor Company shareholder, you decide to crash the share price on purpose. Your reason? You’ve decided to break away from Ford and release a new car.

To most, the idea of crashing your own company share price will sound preposterous. However, this is precisely why the Bitcoin price is crashing at present.

Self-professed Bitcoin creator, Dr. Craig S Wright, has decided to launch a fork of a fork of Bitcoin. Namely, one which he believes is infinitely superior to Bitcoin. Sadly the rest of the world doesn’t agree. In this case, Craig Wright is attempting to hold the world to ransom. Specifically, by threatening to sell the 1 million+ BTC which he (apparently) owns, to deflate BTC prices and buy mining power.

Dr. Craig S Wright is Not the Original Bitcoin Creator

Due to the possible repercussions of a mass Bitcoin sell-off, the past 72-hours have seen investors flee from the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, the Bitcoin creator imposter Craig Wright has already successfully capsized the world cryptocurrency market. There is just one problem.

Despite professing to be Satoshi Nakamoto, Dr. Craig S Wright has never proved this by sending any amount of Bitcoin from what is known to be the official Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin address. As for why this is important, there are several reasons.

  • The official Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin wallet address is 1A1zP1eP5QGefi2DMPTfTL5SLmv7DivfNa

  • This wallet contains 66.8 Bitcoin, 16.8 of which have been donated freely as thanks by the Bitcoin community

  • No outbound transactions have ever been recorded as sent from the official Satoshi Nakamoto wallet

If Dr Craig S Wright was the original Bitcoin creator, he could have proved it at any time by sending an amount as insignificant as $5 from the wallet mentioned above to any other.

Why is the Bitcoin Price Going Down?

At present, Dr. Craig S Wright, and the architects of last years Bitcoin Cash hard fork are waging a hash power war. Each is attempting to directly pay as many people as possible to mine either Bitcoin Cash or Dr Craig S Wright’s created coin, Bitcoin Cash SV. In both instances, mining power has to be paid for as at present; it would be more profitable for miners to mine coins like Bitcoin.

Needless to say, no hash war can continue forever. It is also likely that if even if Dr. Craig S Wright wins the hash war mentioned above, few people will ever trust Bitcoin Cash SV enough to invest. In fact, Kraken recently released a security warning advising traders and investors to beware of serious coding flaws in Dr Wright’s cryptocurrency.

Is Now a Good Time to Buy Bitcoin?

Despite the damage done to the cryptocurrency market by Dr. Craig S Wright, November 2018 will likely represent the last month on record when Bitcoin prices dip below $5,000. According to independent analysts at cryptocurrency investment firm Fundstrat, the mere cost of mining Bitcoin under normal market conditions tops $5,000. This being the case, prices will rise when either Wright or Roger Ver are forced to capitulate.

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