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Sam Harris, Patreon & The Unexpected Boost for Cryptocurrency

  • Popular freelance content creators are fleeing membership subscriber platform Patreon

  • Sam Harris and several other content creators have left in protest, due to Patreon banning several conservative users

  • Freelancers and content creators are now rallying behind plans to create an independent, cryptocurrency alternative to Patreon

Did Patreon Just Trigger Mass Cryptocurrency Adoption?

In early December, Patreon, the preferred choice of revenue funnel for thousands of Youtube creators, committed creative suicide. After banning popular content creator Sargon of Akkad, millions of Patreon subscribers and fellow content creators started fleeing the platform.

Just two weeks later, former Patreon content creators have started mobilizing to create a cryptocurrency exchange powered alternative to Patreon. More specifically, a platform where content creators can no longer be indiscriminately censored.

How Patreon Just Spurred Wider Cryptocurrency Adoption

Censorship is a subject which Fox Exchange is all too familiar with. Fox Exchange exists thanks to the fact that in 2017 and 2018, popular cryptocurrency exchanges like Shapeshift, started confiscating private coins like Monero.

In their defense, instant exchanges like Shapeshift cited the implementation of new know-your-customer transaction protocols. However, KYC protocols were not announced in advance of their implementation and are only implemented selectively. (Shapeshift.io does plan yo make KYC mandatory in 2019.) Now similar hidden policy changes are affecting non-cryptocurrency users on mainstream social media platforms.

The Patreon, Sam Harris, and Sargon of Akkad Drama Explained

In 2017, Patreon, a platform which processes payments between content creators and their patrons, banned popular Youtuber, Lauren Southern.

At the time, Patreon justified its decision and promised never to de-platform users on the basis of content or media not associated with Patreon. However, in December 2018, Patreon de-platformed a second user Sargon of Akkad, despite admitting that the Akkard ban concerns content not syndicated on Patreon.

In response to the Akkard ban, fellow Patreon user Sam Harris encouraged users to abandon Patreon in favor of lesser-known startup, SubscribeStar.com. However, within 72-hours, SubscribeStar.com (despite not syndicating any offensive content) was itself sanctioned by PayPal and other (supposedly) unaffiliated payment processors.

Between December 7th 2017 and the present, content creators worldwide have, therefore, came to a somewhat chilling realization.

  • Patreon can and will ban users without warning, by assessing off platform communications

  • Ban decisions are based on a users political beliefs

  • When users attempt to start syndicating content on new platforms, payment processors like PayPal attempt to de-fund competitor platforms altogether

How Cryptocurrency is Stepping in to Fill the Patreon Void

Cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain platforms stand to benefit from the demise of Patreon for several reasons.

  • Top Patreon users now recognize the fact that genuinely decentralized cryptocurrency is the only way to beat political censorship

  • Major (non-political) Youtubers like Sam Harris are in direct support of the development of Patreon alternatives

  • Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is the only way to create a truly censorship resistant content sharing platform

Cryptocurrency is Only Part of the Solution

At Fox Exchange, we make it easy for people to buy and exchange cryptocurrency instantly without restriction. This is important as other instant exchanges like Shapeshift and Changelly don’t.

Remember us when you are supporting your favorite Youtube creator. We might be their preferred payment partner of choice one day!