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Trade with fox.exchange directly from your Trezor wallet


We are very proud to announce that Fox is now available as an exchange in Trezor!

Trezor users can now choose fox.exchange when converting their digital assets, allowing them to swap their crypto safely (non-custodial) at the best rates available in the market.

What is Trezor and how does it work?

Trezor (or Trezor device) is the original and most trusted cold cryptocurrency hardware wallet.

A cold wallet or cold storage is a type of cryptocurrency wallet aiming for maximum security. Unlike hot wallets, cold wallets never expose the seed or individual private keys to an insecure environment connected to the internet (such as a PC or a smartphone).

Hardware wallet itself is a special type of security device allowing users to store their cryptocurrency holdings. It enables you to make secure payments and manage cryptocurrencies without exposing any sensitive information to a potentially compromised computer.

The primary function of Trezor is to serve as a hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. In addition to its primary function, it has many other security applications, such as password management and second-factor authentication. Now users can also convert digital assets with the help of trusted partners like fox.exchange.

Main features of Trezor wallet:

  • Transparent security audited by security researchers, verified by Trezor’s track record.

  • 5-star customer support experts ready to help you at all times.

  • Intuitive & convenient interface designed for your confidence and ease-of-mind.

  • Ultimate feature it now supports fox.exchange

Website: https://trezor.io/

A step-by-step manual on how to exchange crypto assets with Fox directly from Trezor wallet:

In this manual, we will exchange bitcoins for litecoins.

1. Connect to wallet.trezor.io and find the coins you wish to trade:

  • Access the wallet of a coin you wish to sell in the top-left corner of the screen (see also Switching cryptocurrencies).

  • Select the right account (if you have multiple)

  • Find the “Exchange” tab in the top-right part of the interface and click on it.

Warning: do not select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy. For example, if you want to exchange your litecoins for bitcoins, select Litecoin as your default cryptocurrency.

2. Set up your trade:

  • Set the amount you wish to sell in the first field located at the top.

  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy (in this example, Litecoin) and the receiving account (a Trezor address or an external address).

  • Set the fee for the transaction. This is an independent network fee paid to get your transaction to the exchange. The fee may vary depending on the network traffic congestion at the moment.

3. Pick the exchange:

  • Select the best offer from the list of exchanges below. Click on “Continue” next to the exchange of your preference.

  • Select one of your Trezor Accounts or use a custom address to receive your traded coins.

  • Verify the address on your device.

  • Click on “Confirm trade”.

4. Execute the trade.

  • Take a moment to double-check the details of your trade.

  • Triple-check. Seriously!

  • Confirm the action on your device.

5. Enjoy!

The trade is now in progress. It might take a while to confirm.

About Fox

fox.exchange is an express cryptocurrency exchange providing the best way to get into the cryptocurrencies market by simplifying the way to exchange one cryptocurrency with another. Our goal in fox.exchange is to make cryptocurrency exchanging as smooth as searching on Google or sending an email.

Main features of fox.exchange:

  • Instant exchange – exchanging cryptocurrencies on other exchanges may take hours, while on fox.exchange it’s a matter of minutes: trades are done in 2 clicks and completed between 3 to 15 minutes.

  • Best rates – we compare and combine offers from various centralized exchanges to get you the best offer: fox.exchange chooses the best market rates from the biggest and most diverse exchanges in real-time.

  • Completely anonymous – no registration, no email, no identification documents needed, only your crypto public address.

  • Extremely safe – unlike most other exchanges, we don’t hold customer deposits. Therefore, your funds don’t suffer custodial risk.

  • Split Trade – the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: fox.exchange will split your order into fractions in order to get the best rate possible!

  • Trade Routing – fox.exchange will choose the best trade route from coin A to coin Z, sometimes routing through G coin to maximize the rate.

  • High Liquidity by connecting to top exchanges in the market fox.exchange has access to more than $1B daily.

  • No additional fees!

  • Fast and attentive 24/7 support@fox.exchange

Get the app and check it by yourself! Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=exchange.fox.android

Having problems installing or using the app? No worries! Feel free to contact us at any time about any question via BitCoinTalk, Twitter or ask your question directly in the Telegram chat room (@FoxExchange)!